Curiosity • Creativity • Charm

Photos by Taylor Castle

Photos by Taylor Castle

I'm Ryan Maconochie.

My work lingers at the intersection of art, design and commerce. As a creative director, designer, and author, I seek to bring ideas to life that a combination of creativity, curiosity and charm.

I'm a resourceful team leader, pan-agency collaborator, persistent problem-solver, and multi-channel content creator. I enjoy the operations that make creativity happen as much as the creativity itself.

I balance a professional career as a Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of D/CAL, a Detroit-based brand consultancy, with my personal entrepreneurial pursuits as a partner in an art gallery, a founder of a magazine, a published children's book author, and owner of my design label, Star RM.

By day, I've hawked everything from Happy Meals to High Lifes to F-150s. By night, I make maps, write books, and am in constant pursuit of the next best Small Snack.

I've won a handful of marketing and design awards and my work has been featured in various Chicago galleries and the MOMA Store in New York.

I’ve split my time on earth thus far living in Detroit and Chicago, with a few months spent residing in Florence and Dublin in between. Somewhere along the line I managed to make 3 kids: Ava, August and Ilias.

Find me on Instagram (@starrm75) or at ryanmaconochie@gmail.com